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Samuel Wharton - Enchanting occasions


‘Eyup! I’m Sam, I was born and raised in Scarbados, where (not) a lot happens, but I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at the local theatre whilst I was growing up. It’s here where I fell in love with theatre, live entertainment and creating memories. Since Graduating from my acting training in 2020, a lot of my work has taken me to entertaining families in attractions and live theatre, where I discovered a hidden passion for it. After many years of entertaining families when, contracts became available, I realised the only way I could do it more often was to set up ‘Enchanting Occasions’. We want to bring fun and laughter to parties, occasions and even more! All the way along the A64! (See what I did there?) When I’m not helping you celebrate your special occasion you can usually find me telling spooky stories around York and in pantomime. I don’t really get invited to any parties, so why not send us an email and invite me to yours!

Maia Beatrice - Enchanting Occasions


Hello! I'm Maia, I was born and raised in York and spend a lot of time doing shows with local theatre groups. When I was 18 I was lucky enough to go straight into an acting job, where I realised how important live entertainment is to people. No matter what entertainment I am doing, I love how magical it is for everyone involved and how one song can change the entire mood in a room. My true passion is for family entertainment, whether that is children's parties or adults, it is important to me that no matter what age, you can have fun. Starting up Enchanting Occasions is very special to me personally as it means we are able to bring that fun and exciting entertainment to everyone and anyone for any occasion or event they might want.

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